Mint Solutions

Mint Solutions was founded from the urge to help experts to use their time meaningfully. This means that all processes and systems used are really helping the experts to use their expertise and not use their time to trying to figure out how to manage their work with the systems or worrying if the data is correct there. Mint Solutions is providing productised solutions to create productive working environments.

What We Do?

Mint Solutions is specialised in helping SaaS vendors to deal with customer specific needs of integrations and reporting. Why should you as a SaaS vendor to partner with Mint Solutions:

  • Keep your own developers in product development. Let Mint handle the customer specific needs.
  • Mint can produce cost-efficient solutions to customer specific requirements which are not directly solved in SaaS application.
  • Some customers need special solutions and doesn't have knowledge to build the solutions and they probably doesn't even have the expertise to buy and guide the development. Mint can provide also the necessary consultation and project management.

Typically we solve situations like:

  • System integrations and their full lifetime support with Mint's own iPaaS platform
  • Integration consulting
  • Data analytics and data visualisations, most often with the Microsoft Power BI platform

Don't hesitate to ask if you have some other IT related problems which we could solve. We have highly experienced software developers who can solve vast number of problems and we can provide full team of experts if needed.